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Control Processors Library

System Requirements | FAQ
· Open Automation
· ControlLogix
· FlexLogix System
· Information Processors
· CompactLogix System
· MicroLogix 1000
· MicroLogix 1200
· MicroLogix 1500
· Pico Controllers
· PLC-3 Programmable Controllers
· PLC-2 Programmable Controllers
· PLC-5 Programmable Controllers
· ProcessLogix System
· Safety Controllers
· SoftLogix System
· SLC 500 Programmable Controllers
· Miscellaneous

Pico Controllers
Product Catalog Number Publication Type Date Publication Number

Pico Controllers 1760-L12AWA, 1760-L12AWA-NC, 1760-L12AWA-ND, 1760-L12DWD, 1760-L12BWB, 1760-L12BWB-NC, 1760-L12BWB-ND, 1760-L18AWA-EX, 1760-L18BWB-EX, 1760-IA12XOW6I, 1760-IB12XOB8 Product Profile Jun 2000 1760-PP001C-US-P
Getting Results Jul 2001 1760-GR001B-EN-P
User Manual Jul 2001 1760-UM001B-EN-P

Product Catalog Number Publication Type Date Publication Number

Elevate Your Control Options MicroLogix 1000, MicroLogix 1200, MicroLogix 1500, SLC500 Brochure Apr 2000 1747-BR005A-EN-P

Hand-Held Programmer Memory Module 1761-HHM-K08, 1761-HHM-K64 Installation Instructions Oct 1994 1761-5.2

MicroLogix 1000 with Hand-Held Programmer (HHP) 1761-HHP-B30 User Manual May 1998 1761-6.2
Quick Reference Card Aug 1996 1761-6.2.1

MicroLogix 1000 Programmable Controllers 1761-L16AWA, -L16BWA, -L32AWA, -L32BWA, -L16BBB, -L16BWB, -L32BBB, -L32BWB, -L32AAA Installation Instructions Nov 1996 1761-5.1
User Manual July 1998 1761-6.3
Instruction Set Reference Manual Jan 1998 1747-6.15
Multi-hop Messaging using SLC 5/05 Processor via Ethernet Release Note 1747-6.15-RN3

MicroLogix 1000 Programmable Controllers 1761-L10BWA, -L10BWB, -L16AWA, -L16BWA, -L32AWA, -L32BWA, -L16BBB, -L16BWB, -L32BBB, -L32BWB, -L32AAA Installation Instructions Apr 1999 1761-5.1.2

MicroLogix 1000 Programmable Controllers with 24V c / 24V dc Inputs 1761-L16NWA and 1761-L16NWB Release Notes Mar 2001 1761-RN002A-EN-P

Advanced Interface Converter (AIC+) and DeviceNet Interface (DNI) 1761-NET-AIC, -NET-DNI Installation Instructions Jun 1999 1761-5.11
Release Note Jun 1999 1761-5.11-RN1
User Manual Apr 1998 1761-6.4
User Manual Jun 1999 1761-6.5
Product Profile Sept 1999 1761-1.23

MicroLogix Ethernet Interface Converter (ENI) 1761-NET-ENI Product Profile Nov 2000 1761-PP002A-EN-P
Installation Instructions Apr 2001 1761-IN006B-MU-P
User Manual Feb 2001 1761-UM006B-EN-P

MicroLogix 1000 Input Simulator 1761-SIM-B16 Installation Instructions Jan 1995 1761-5.3

MicroLogix 1000 Demo Case Power Cable Part No. 26206-008-02 Installation Instructions Mar 1995 1761-5.9

MicroLogix 1000 Programmable Controllers 1761 Product Profiles Nov 1999 1761-SO01A-US-P

MicroLogix 1200
Product Catalog Number Publication Type Date Publication Number

MicroLogix 1200 Programmable Controllers 1762-L24AWA, 1762-L24BWA, 1762-L24BXB, 1762-L40AWA, 1762-L40BWA, 1762-L40BXB System Overview Nov 1999 1762-SO001A-U-P
Installation Instructions Oct 2000 1762-IN006C-MU-P
User Manual Nov 2000 1762-UM001B-EN-P
Product Ehancements Nov 2000 1762-PP002A-EN-P
1762 and 1764 Instruction Set Reference Manual Nov 2000 1762-RM001C-EN-P
Series C Document Update June 2001 1762-DU001A-EN-P

MicroLogix 1762-IA8 AC Input Module 1762-IA8 Installation Instructions Sept 1999 1762-IN002A-US-P

MicroLogix™ Analog Input Module 1762-IF4 Installation Instructions Dec 2000 1762-IN012A-EN-P

MicroLogix 1762-IQ8 DC Input Module 1762-IQ8 Installation Instructions Sept 1999 1762-IN004A-US-P

MicroLogix 1762-IQ16 DC Input Module 1762-IQ16 Installation Instructions July 2000 1762-IN010A-EN-P

MicroLogix 1762-OA8 Solid-State Output Module 1762-OA8 Installation Instructions July 2000 1762-IN007A-EN-P

MicroLogix 1762-OB8 Solid-State 24V dc Source Output Module 1762-OB8 Installation Instructions July 2000 1762-IN008A-EN-P

MicroLogix 1762-OB16 Solid-State 24V dc Source Output Module 1762-OB16 Installation Instructions July 2000 1762-IN011A-EN-P

MicroLogix 1762-OW8 Relay Output Module 1762-OW8 Installation Instructions Sept 1999 1762-IN003A-US-P

MicroLogix 1762-OW16 Relay Output Module 1762-OW16 Installation Instructions July 2000 1762-IN009A-EN-P

MicroLogix™ 1200 Real- Time Clock and Memory Module 1762- MM1, 1762- RTC, 1762- MM1RTC Installation Instructions Dec 1999 1762-IN001B-ML-P

MicroLogix Analog Input/Output Module 1762-IF2OF2 Installation Instructions Mar 2000 1762-IN005A-US-P

MicroLogix 1500
Product Catalog Number Publication Type Date Publication Number

MicroLogix 1500 Programmable Controller with Compact I/O for Expansion 1764, 1769 System Overview May 2000 1764-SO001B-EN-P

MicroLogix 1500 Programmable Controllers Base Units 1764-24AWA, 1764-24BWA, 1764-28BXB Installation Instructions Mar 2000 1764-IN001A-ML-P

MicroLogix 1500 Data Access Terminal 1764-DAT Product Profile Oct 1998 1764-5.3

MicroLogix 1500 Processor Unit 1764-LRP Product Profile Mar 2000 1764-PP001A-US-P
1764-LSP, 1764-LRP Installation Instructions Feb 2000 1764-IN002A-ML-P

MicroLogix 1500 Memory Module and/or Real Time Clock 1764-MM1RTC, 1764-MM1, 1764-RTC Installation Instructions Feb 2000 1764-IN003A-ML-P.pdf

MicroLogix 1500 Removable Terminal Blocks Replacement Kit 1764-RPL-TB1, 1764-RPL-TB2 Installation Instructions Jan 1999 40072-067-01A

MicroLogix 1500 Electrostatic Discharge Sticker Replacement Kit 1764-RPL-TRM1 Installation Instructions Jan 1999 40072-068-01A

MicroLogix 1500 Programmable Controllers 1764 User Manual Apr 2000 1764-UM001A-US-P

MicroLogix 1500 Memory Module and/or Real Time Clock 1764-MM1, -MM2, -MM1RTC, -RTC Installation Instructions Feb 2000 1764-IN003A-ML-P

Replacing Old Machine Control with MicroLogix Controller and PanelView Operator Interface Bring New Life to Operations 1764 Application Profile May 2000 1764-AP001A-EN-P

SLC 500 Programmable Controllers
Product Catalog Number Publication Type Date Publication Number

SLC 500 PROFIBUS DP Slave/Adapter Module 1747-APB User Manual Mar 1996 1747-6.14

Remote I/O Adapter Module 1747-ASB Product Data Apr 1996 1747-2.38
User Manual Dec 1996 1747-6.13

Direct Communication Module 1747-DCM Product Data Jan 1997 1747-2.33
User Manual Jun 1996 1747-6.8

Data Table Access Module 1747-DTAM User Manual Aug 1998 1747-6.1

SLC 5/05 Processors Firmware/Operating System ControlFLASH Upgrade 1747-DU501 Installation Instructions Jul 2000 1747-IN019B-EN-P

Ferrite Collar 1747-FC Installation Instructions Dec 1995 1747-5.6

DH-485/RS-232C Interface Module 1747-KE Product Data Jan 1997 1747-2.37
User Manual Jan 1997 1747-6.12

SLC500 ControlNet RS-232 Interface 1747-KFC15 User Manual Jun 1998 1747-5.34

SLC Modular Processors 1747-L511/L514, -L524, -L532, -L541, -L542, -L543 Product Data Mar 2000 1747-IN009A-ML-P
Installation Instructions Dec 1995 1747-2.39
1747-L511, -L514, -L524 Installation Instructions - SLC 5/01, 5/02 Jun 1999 1747-5.25
1747-L531, -L532, -L541, -L542, -L543, -L551, -L552, -L553 Installation Instructions - SLC 5/03, 5/04, 5/05 Mar 2000 1747-IN009A-ML-P
1747-L511, -L514, -L524, -L531, -L532, -L541, -L542, -L543, -L551, -L552, -L553 Installation and Operation Manual Jan 1998 1747-6.2
1747-L542P, -L543P, -L552P, -L553P Release Note Oct 1998 1747-6.2-RN2
1747-L511, -L514, -L524, -L531, -L532, -L541, -L542, -L543, -L551, -L552, -L553, 1761 Instruction Set Reference Manual Jan 1998 1747-6.15

SLC 500
Fixed Hardware Style Controllers
1747-L20, -L30, -L40 Installation Instructions Nov 2000 1747-IN008B-MU-P
Installation and Operation Manual Mar 1996 1747-6.21

SLC 5/03™, SLC5/04™, and SLC5/05™ Operating Systems 1747-L531, -L532, -L541, -L542, -L543, -L551, -L552 and 1747-L553 Document Update Jul 2000 1747-DU001A-EN-P
1747-OS302, 1747-OS401, 1747-OS501 Release Note Aug 2000 1747-RN001A-EN-P

SLC 5/03™ and SLC 5/04™ Processors Firmware/Operating System Upgrade Installation Instructions Jun 2000 1747-IN007A-EN-P

SLC 5/05™ Programmable Controllers with Ethernet® 1747-L551, -L552, -L553 Product Profile Nov 1997 1747-1.18

Ethernet SLC 500 Processors 1747-L551, -L552, -L553 Quick Start for Experienced Users Jul 1998 1747-10.4

SLC 500 Modular and Fixed Memory Modules 1747-M1, -M2, -M3, -M4, -M11 Series B, -M12 Installation Instructions Dec 1995 1747-5.1

SLC 5/03™ and SLC 5/04™ Operating Systems 1747-OS302 and 1747-OS401 Release Note Nov 1995 1747-6.2-RN1
1747-OS302 FRN10, 1747-OS401 FRN7 Document Update May 1997 1747-6.15-DU1

RS-232-to-Ethernet® Channel-to-Channel Passthru for SLC 5/05™ Processors 1747-OS501 FRN 3 Release Note May 1998 1747-6.15-RN1

SLC-500 and MicroLogix Program Storage Device for Easy Backup, Storage and Transfer of PLC Programs 1747-PSD Product Profile Jun 2000 1747-PP007A-EN-P

Hand Held Terminal 1747-PTA1E, -PT1 Getting Started Guide Feb 1993 1747-NM009
1747-PT1 User Manual Jun 1993 1747-NP002

Remote I/O Scanner 1747-SN Product Data Mar 1996 1747-2.34
User Manual Jul 1996 1747-6.6

1747-SCNR ControlNet Scanner Module 1747-SCNR Product Profile Mar 2001 1747-PP005A-EN-P
Installation Instructions May 2000 1747-5.36

SLC 5/03, SLC 5/04 and SLC 5/05 Processors Instruction Set Enhancements Product Profile Dec 1999 1747-PP003A-US-P

SLC 5/03, SLC 5/04 and SLC 5/05 Processors Firmware/Operating System Upgrade Installation Instructions May 1998 1747-6.12

SLC 500 Family 1747 DH-485 Network Throughput Timing Application Note Jan 1996 1747-2.20
System Overview Feb 1996 1747-2.30
Class I, Division 2 Hazardous Location Certification Feature Summary Jan 1996 1747-2.36
Brochure Nov 1997 1747-1.6
BASIC Language Reference Manual Document Update 40063-129-01(A)

SLC 500 Programmable Controllers & I/O Modules System Overview Jan 2001 1747-SO001B-EN-P

PLC-5 Programmable Controllers
Product Catalog Number Publication Type Date Publication Number

Power Supply Cables 1771-CP3 and 1771-PSCC Installation Data Jul 1989 1771-2.149

Redundant Power Supply Modules 1771-P4R, -P6R Series B Product Data Apr 1990 1771-2.136
Installation Data Dec 1989 1771-2.166

Power Supply Modules 1771-P4S, -P6S, -P4S1, -P6S1 Installation Data Feb 1990 1771-2.135
Product Data Dec 1989 1771-2.143

PLC-5 Device Net Scanner Module 1771-SDN User Manual Jun 2000 1771-6.5.132

PLC-5 1785 Brochure Apr 1998 1785-1.2

PLC-5 Accessory Kit 1785-ACC5LA, -ACC5LB, -ACC5LT Packing Data Jan 1999 1785-5.21

PLC-5 Backup Communication Module 1785-BCM, 1785-BEM User Manual Aug 1995 1785-6.5.4
Release Note Jan 2001 1785-RN004B-EN-P

PLC-5 Connector Header 1785-CNH/A Packing Data Mar 1992 1785-2.14

ControlNet PLC-5 Hot Backup System 1785-CHBM User Manual Feb 1999 1785-6.5.24
Quick Start Jan 2001 1785-QS001A-EN-P

Classic PLC-5
Programmable Controllers
1785-LT, 1785-LT2, 1785-LT3, 1785-LT4 Product Data Dec 1994 1785-2.35
Firmware Upgrade Installation Instructions May 1998 1785-5.12
User Manual Apr 1996 1785-6.2.1
Hardware Installation Manual Sep 1995 1785-6.6.1
Quick Start Oct 1996 1785-10.3

Installing Your ControlNet PLC-5 Firmware Update 1785 User Manual Dec 1994 1785-5.22

PLC-5 Relay Cartridge 1785-RC Installation Instructions Apr 2000 1785-IN001A-US-P

PLC-5 Programmable Controllers 1785 Instruction Set Reference Nov 1998 1785-6.1

Deterministic Networking and Supervisory Control Offers Flexible Alternative to DCS for SXEW Copper Process 1785 Application Profile Jan 2000 1785-11.4

PLC-5 Enhanced Processors 1785-L11B, -L20B, -L30B, -L40B, -L40L, -L60B, -L60L, -L80B System Overview Oct 1998 1785-2.36
Firmware Upgrade Installation Instructions Apr 1996 1785-5.13
Quick Start Nov 1998 1785-10.4

PLC-5 Enhanced and Ethernet Processors 1785-L11B, -L20B, -L30B, -L40B, -L40L, -L60B, -L60L, -L80B, -L20E, -L40E, -L80E, -L26B, -L46B, -L46L, -L86B User Manual Nov 1998 1785-6.5.12
Enhanced PLC-5 Programmable Controllers Apr 2000 1785-6.5.12-RN1
Series E, Revision E.1 Release Note Jul 2000 1785-RN003B-EN-P
Series E, Revision E, Revision E.2 Jul 2000 1785-RN002B-EN-P

PLC-5 Ethernet Processors 1785-L20E, -L40E, -L80E) Quick Start Nov 1998 1785-10.5

PLC-5 ControlNet Phase Processors 1785-L20C, -L40C, -L60C, -L80C User Manual Sep 1995 1785-6.5.14
1785-L20C15, -L40C15, -L60C15, -L80C15 User Manual, Phase 1.5 Feb 1999 1785-6.5.22
Release Notes,
Series F
Revision C
Aug 2001 1785-RN522C-EN-P
Release Notes,
Series F
Revision A
Jul 1999 1785-6.5.22-RN2
1785-L20C15, -L40C15, -L80C15 Quick Start Phase 1.5 Nov 1998 1785-10.6

PLC-5 Protected Processors 1785-L26B, -L46B, -L86B Product Data Jan 1995 1785-2.28
Supplement Jan 1999 1785-6.5.13

Enhanced PLC-5 and Ethernet PLC-5 Programmable Controller Memory Module 1785-ME16, -ME32, -ME64, and -M100 Installation Data Sep 1995 1785-5.10

PLC-2/17 and PLC-5 Programmable Controller Memory Modules 1785-MJ and 1785-MK Installation Data Oct 1989 1785-2.7

PLC-5 VMEbus Processors 1785-V30B, -V40B, -V40L, and -V80B Product Data Apr 1995 1785-2.26
User Manual Jun 1996 1785-6.5.9
Release Note Feb 1999 1785-6.5.9-RN1

A-B Station Module Installation Instructions Jul 2001 1785-IN061A-EN-P

PLC-5 Family 1785 Instruction Set Reference Manual Nov 1998 1785-6.1
Quick Reference May 1999 1785-7.1
Reference Guide - Configuring Complementary I/O for PLC-5 Processors Feb 1996 1785-6.8.3
Application Note - Using a PLC-5 Processor in a Heat Application Apr 1996 1785-2.41
Reference Guide - Connecting PLC-5 Processors and PanelView 1200 Operator Terminals Jun 1996 1785-6.8.4
Reference Guide - Connecting PLC-5 Processors and SLC Processors over a DH+ Link (Using SLC 5/04 Processors) Mar 1996 1785-6.8.5
Reference Guide - Connecting PLC-5 Processors and SLC Processors over a Serial Link (Using SLC 5/03 Processors) Mar 1996 1785-6.8.7
Reference Guide - Connecting PLC-5 Processors and SLC Processors through Communication Bridges (Using SLC 5/03 Processors) Mar 1996 1785-6.8.9
Reference Guide - Connecting SLC Systems as Remote I/O to PLC-5 Processors Mar 1996 1785-6.8.10
PLC-5 Programmable Controllers and A.I. Series Software QuickStart for New Users Apr 1996 1785-10.2
PLC-5 Programmable Controller Flash Tool User Manual Mar 1998 1785-6.2
Ethernet PLC-5 Programmable Controller 1785-L20E, -L40E, -L80E Firmware Release Note Apr 2000 1785-6.2-RN1
PLC-5 Accessory Kit 1785-ACC5LA, -ACC5LB, -ACC5LT Packing Data Jan 1999 1785-5.21
Installing Your ControlNet PLC-5 Firmware Update Installation Instructions Jun 1999 1785-5.22

Information Processors
Product Catalog Number Publication Type Date Publication Number

1771 Control Coprocessor 1771-DMC, -DMC1, -DMC4, and -DXPS Product Data Dec 1994 1771-2.216
User Manual Dec 1994 1771-6.5.95
Error/Status Codes Quick Reference Dec 1994 1771-7.1
1771-DMC Control Coprocessor and Development Software 1771-DMC, -DMC1, -DMC4, -DXPS, and -PCB Release Notes Jul 2001 1771-RN951C-EN-P
1771-DMC Control Coprocessor 1771-DMC Installation Instructions Jul 2001 1771-IN074A-EN-P

1771 Control Coprocessor Memory 1771-DRS, 1771-DRS1, and 1771-DRS4 SIMM Installation Data Mar 1993 1771-2.212

1771 Control Coprocessor Serial Expander Module 1771-DXPS Installation Data Jan 1993 1771-2.225

PLC-3 Programmable Controllers
Product Catalog Number Publication Type Date Publication Number

PLC-3 Nickel-Cadmium Battery Information 1775-BH Product Data Jun 1984 1775-2.11

Fan Chassis 1775-FTE Product Data Jan 1985 1775-2.18

Peripheral Communication Module 1775-GA Product Data Jan 1986 1775-2.13

PLC-3 Communication Adapter Module 1775-KA User Manual Oct 1992 1775-6.5.1

Main Processor Module 1775-L1, -L2 Product Data Dec 1984 1775-2.2

Main Processor Module 1775-L3 Product Data Aug 1992 1775-2.19

PLC-3/10 Processor Module 1775-L4 Product Data Oct 1985 1775-2.21

PLC-3, -3/10 Family Memory Modules 1775-ME4, -MEF, -ME8, -MS4, -MS8 Series A, -MEA, -MED, -MSA, -MSD Series B Installation Data Sep 1993 1775-2.27

Memory Communication Module 1775-MX Product Data Apr 1984 1775-2.12

Peripheral Interface Adapter Module 1775-RM Product Data Aug 1992 1775-2.14

PLC-3/10 I/O Scanner Module 1775-SR Product Data Aug 1992 1775-2.22

I/O Scanner Modules 1775-S4A, -S4B Product Data Oct 1984 1775-2.5

I/O Scanner-Communication Adapter Module 1775-S5, -SR5 Product Data Aug 1992 1775-2.24
PLC-3 Family I/O Scanner Communication-Adapter Module User Manual Nov 1992 1775-6.5.5
Documentation Update Dec 1992 1775-6.5.5-DU1

PLC-3 Controller Assistance Messages 1775-ZB Product Data Jan 1983 1775-2.9

PLC-3 Expansion System Product Data Dec 1983 1775-2.10

PLC-3 Family Product Data May 1988 1775-2.1
Programming Reference Manual Oct 1992 1775-6.4.1
Quick Start for Experienced Users Mar 1996 1775-10.1

PLC-2 Programmable Controllers
Product Catalog Number Publication Type Date Publication Number

Module Power Cable 1770-CF Product Data Feb 1983 1770-2.25

Mass Storage Systems 1770-M10, -M11, -M12 Assembly and Installation Manual Oct 1985 1770-6.6.1
1770-M10, -M11, Series B Document Update Nov 1992 1770-6.6.1-DU1

Power Supplies 1770-P1 Product Data Dec 1985 1770-2.2
1772-PA, -PAA Product Data Feb 1981 1772-2.10
1772-P4, 1777-P4 Product Data Jul 1987 1772-2.12

Report Generation Module 1770-RG Product Data Jan 1986 1770-2.11
Report Generation Module User Manual Mar 1986 1770-6.5.5

Data Cartridge Recorder 1770-SB Product Data Feb 1982 1770-2.7
User Manual Mar 1985 1770-6.5.4

Mini-PLC-2/15 EPROMs 1770-XP
(for Series A)
Product Data Aug 1983 1770-2.8
(for Series B)
Product Data Aug 1983 1770-2.17

Battery 1770-XYV Installation Data Nov 1992 1770-2.44

Mini-PLC-2/15 Auxiliary Function PROMs 1772-AF1, -AF3, -AF4 Product Data Jun 1984 1772-2.19
1772-AF1 User Manual Mar 1984 1772-6.5.1
1772-AF3 User Manual Mar 1984 1772-6.5.2
1772-AF4 User Manual Mar 1984 1772-6.5.3

Line Driver/Receiver Modules 1772-DR Product Data Jun 1983 1772-2.11
1772-DQ Product Data Aug 1983 1772-2.17

Fan Chassis 1772-FTE2 Product Data Jan 1985 1772-2.24

Mini-PLC-2/05 1772-LS, -LSP Assembly and Installation Manual Oct 1984 1772-6.6.6
Programming and Operations Manual May 1994 1772-6.8.6

Mini-PLC-2/02, -2/16, -2/17 Processors 1772-LZ, -LZP, -LX, -LXP, -LW, -LWP Series D Documentation Update Jan 1989 1772-2.27-DU1
User Manual Aug 1994 1772-6.5.8

EEPROM Memory Module 1772-MJ Product Data Aug 1984 1772-2.22

Remote I/O Scanner/Distribution Panel 1772-SD2 Product Data Apr 1984 1772-2.18

Mini-PLC-2/15 Assembly and Installation Manual Feb 1983 1772-6.6.1
Programming and Operations Manual Mar 1984 1772-6.8.2

PLC-2 Family Quick Start for Experienced Users Mar 1996 1772-10.1

PLC-2/20, PLC-2/30 Assembly and Installation Manual Oct 1988 1772-6.6.2

PLC-2/20 Programming and Operations Manual Jun 1984 1772-6.8.1

PLC-2/30 Programming and Operations Manual Apr 1993 1772-6.8.3

PLC-2/20 and PLC-2/30 CMOS RAM Memory Modules Installation Data Jul 1990 1772-2.13
CMOS Memory Cartridge 1771-HM3A Installation Data Feb 1990 1771-2.151

Product Catalog Number Publication Type Date Publication Number

Industrial Automation Wiring and Grounding Guidelines All Wiring and Grounding Guidelines Feb 1998 1770-4.1

Integrating Allen-Bradley Products on an Ethernet TCP/IP Network System Overview Dec 1996 1785-2.31

VMEbus Remote I/O Scanner 6008-SV1R, 6008-SV2R Product Data Sep 1995 6008-2.6
User Manual Sep 1995 6008-6.5.11
Series A, Revision B Release Notes May 1996 6008-6.5.11-RN1
Series A, Revision B Release Notes May 1996 6008-6.5.11-RN2

CSA Hazardous Location Approval Supplemental Product Information (English and French) Jan 1993 AG-4.1

Lithium Batteries Guidelines for Handling Lithium Batteries Product Data Apr 1994 AG-5.4

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